19 thoughts on “Lead bullet poison in the USA

    • Which may mean that in state A bald eagles will die and hunters and their families eating venison will get poisoned, while in state B the eagles will live and hunters and their families will be healthy. Unless all state governments act according to reason.


      • Yes. Correct. However, I have hunted for wild birds and mammals and also fished for years. Of course I have bitten into lead shot and discarded it before consuming it. I doubt that I have eaten any lead shot but if so there has been no ill effects (other than being a little insane). Most of our states are catching on to this GOOD IDEA of getting rid of lead bullets. Serious hunters and fishermen (lead sinkers) have done it on their own. Thanks for the post. I did enjoy it.


  1. The bottom line is that more animals and birds will live if all hunters and fishermen move to lead free shot. Lead toxicity is a serious problem when it gets into the food chain. I’m sure that (as Wally said) responsible folk will make the change themselves as a way of preserving their sport and for conservation – the only way to go! The old ‘die hard’s’ may need further encouragement though. This should come from fellow.hunters in addition to state legislation. We must all take responsibility for the future- everyone must do their bit! .Those that choose to ignore what is staring us (mankind) in the face should not participate in the sport in any case. Cheers Supernova.


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