8 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy survivors interviewed

    • If governments are capable of spending trillions of dollars on wars thousands of miles away, then they are capable of helping people ruined by disasters like Sandy as well.

      (By the way, how was the impact of Sandy in upstate New York? Just before Sandy struck, you wrote that it might ruin many people there.)

      I will cite from my own experience (not one millionth as bad as what the people in the Sandy area had to endure). A bomb from World War II had been found not far from where I lived. Experts had to take care of that bomb, and I and other people in my area were evacuated. We went to a sports hall. We got a meal; it was free for evacuated people. There was a swimming pool; also free for evacuated people. There were beds. If the bomb would have still been there, we might have slept there without paying.

      As it happened, the bomb danger was over sooner than expected, and we could return to our homes.

      • Yes, Billions on war. But we should not expect handouts. The governments job is to protect people against invaders. This should be the only reason for war. Handouts drain the will and strength of nations. It sounds like you may have lived in Germany where many bombs were dropped just to lighten a plane’s load for return to “home base.” And the sports halls are normally supported through special activities and other funds from the local people; ie Volksmarches. What a great idea. We should adopt that idea in the states. The closest thing we have is our volunteer fire department halls (which sit motionless and empty for days on end). Thanks for sharing that personal experience about the bomb.

        • The (local) government in New York City, as the report notes, spent lots of money getting Wall Street heated and lighted again after just one day. They intended to spend lots of money on the corporate-linked New York marathon from ruined Staten Island to Manhattan (a plan withdrawn after a storm of protest). A contrast to what happened to Staten Island, Long Island, etc.

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