Anti-Siberian tiger poaching camera traps

This video from India is called Tiger Queen ~ National Geographic.

From Wildlife Extra:

Camera traps deployed to catch tiger poachers in Russia

First time camera traps are used to catch illegal activity

November 2012. Conservationists from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) will be the first to use camera traps specifically for catching trespassers. Camera traps are typically used to capture images of endangered species for conservation purposes. But in a bid to increase anti-poaching efforts, special camera traps will be camouflaged and hidden in Russian forests to record illegal entry by would-be poachers.

Lazovsky Nature Reserve and Zov Tigra National Park

As part of ZSL’s ‘Forest Eyes’ project, a total of 30 camera traps will be set up in Lazovsky Nature Reserve and Zov Tigra National Park in the Russian Far East, equivalent to a total area a little larger than London. The two protected areas are 15 to 20 kilometres apart and separated by public land used mostly for hunting and logging. This results in people taking advantage of the area between the nature reserve and the national park to trespass onto nearby protected areas.

ZSL tiger conservationist Linda Kerley says: “The images from camera traps set up for humans will better inform us of any illegal activity in protected areas, so inspectors can be notified and patrols changed accordingly. We will be able to monitor the area more effectively and ensure we are doing all we can to try and change people’s attitudes and behaviours towards poaching,” Linda added.

7 tigers disappeared

Around five years ago, seven tigers disappeared from the protected areas and conservationists believe it was very likely they were poached. In the past year alone there were three seizures in the area, so it is critical that anti-poaching projects are effective. There are now 14 to 20 tigers that roam the national park and the nature reserve, and numbers remain stable.

ZSL’s conservation manager Sarah Christie added: “We hope the awareness of extra camera traps targeting people who encroach on protected areas will deter poachers from trying to kill tigers and their prey animals.”

ZSL has been involved in Amur tiger conservation in the Russian Far East for nearly 20 years. With the launch of ‘Forest Eyes’ conservationists will work with the support of the local Government to raise awareness of conservation efforts to protect the remaining Amur tiger population.

18 thoughts on “Anti-Siberian tiger poaching camera traps

  1. Tigers once ruled the jungles of Asia. Today, only 3,200 survive in the wild – due to decades of merciless poaching. If we don’t speak up, poachers will continue to hunt wild tigers and their prey until the tally falls to… zero.

    Poachers can be stopped in their tracks, but only when conservationists have the resources they need.

    The Save Vanishing Species stamp does just that – raising a remarkable $1.58 million dollars for tigers and other wildlife in just one year – all at zero cost to the American taxpayer.

    But now the stamp is up for renewal, and Congress may let it expire – putting vital tiger conservation work at risk.

    Help us send 100,000 letters to Congress. Tell your representatives to stand up for tigers and renew the Save Vanishing Species stamp before it’s too late.

    Almost two years ago, wildlife-lovers like you convinced Congress to create this stamp. We can convince them to renew it today – but only if we speak up.

    Tigers may not have much time left. Poachers have devastated tiger populations across their range. They track down and kill tigers, then sell their skins and bones on the black market.

    By cracking down on illegal poaching, creating and protecting parks, and supporting recovering tiger populations, WCS and the conservation community have proven that poachers can be stopped. But as poachers grow more sophisticated, conservationists need more resources. That’s why funding from the Save Vanishing Species stamp is so important to protecting tigers.

    And that’s why we can’t let Congress turn their backs on tigers now. Send a letter to your members of Congress – ask them to renew the Save Vanishing Species stamp to protect tigers and other threatened wildlife.

    Thanks for taking a minute to speak up. Together, we can make sure Congress does the right thing for tigers.


    Liz Bennett

    Vice President, Species Conservation
    Wildlife Conservation Society


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