6 thoughts on “Banks, stop funding Indonesian forest destruction corporation

  1. Another appalling example of Industry making money at any cost. It breaks my heart when vast area’s of very important habitat are taken away. This must stop! Ecological and Environmental groups are relatively passive (rightly so) in comparison to these ruthless and aggressive “businessmen” (consequently, they tend to get what they want), but the combined pressure from those globally recognised groups with the support of the people is having a positive affect. Faster in some area’s, slower in others. The response depending on the ‘interest’ in preservation, of the respective authorities. As the awareness of the human race spreads, on the importance of preserving what we can, so too will that apply more pressure. This is where the Conservation and Ecological groups will gain even more strength and influence with those Country’s who are less interested, shall we say, in whether a species survives or not. A positive example of this influence is the education these groups provide. We can only hope that the letter causes them to think about the consequences of even more natural forest being taken for ever. Yours, Supernova.


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