Bahrain human rights violated again

My second ever reblog, from a blog in Britain; on serious human rights issues in a country often mentioned on this blog

MENA Solidarity Network

Vice-president of the Bahraini Teachers’ Association, Jalila al-Salman recorded a video message for the MENA Solidarity Network event in Parliament ‘Teachers and the Arab Spring’. The audience also heard from resigned Bahraini MPs Ali Alaswad and Jawad Fairouz about the repression faced by teachers and other activists over recent months and the torture suffered by Jalila’s colleague Mahdi Abu Deeb, president of the Bahraini Teachers’ Association.

The meeting also heard reports from Egypt and Tunisia, which we will be posting on our website shortly.

Read more about the Bahraini speakers’ testimony at the meeting here

Jalila has now been re-arrested following her sentencing on 21 October.

What you can do

  • See here for details of where to send protest letters and petitions
  • Invite a Bahraini speaker to your union branch meeting. Contact and we will put you in touch with Bahraini activists in the UK who are willing to…

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