5 thoughts on “European anti-austerity day, tomorrow

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  2. Merkel met by demonstrations

    Demonstrators turned out in Lisbon on Monday of this week as German chancellor Angela Merkel came to Portugal.

    Thousands also protested in Naples, Italy, at the visit of Germany’s labour minister.

    Spanish occupy their hospitals

    Workers have occupied several hospitals in the Madrid region of Spain. Thousands marched at La Princesa hospital on Tuesday of last week.

    “They’ve left us no other option,” said Emi, a worker at the Henares hospital. “We have to get organised or we and our patients will be ruined.” Six hospitals are set to be privatised.

    Biggest demo in Waterford

    Waterford, south-eastern Ireland, saw its biggest protest in years on Saturday of this week—some 15,000 in a city of just 46,000.

    The government plans to downgrade its regional hospital and cut services. A national anti-cuts demonstration in Dublin is planned for 24 November.


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