‘Free’ new Libya not free

This video says about itself:

Sep 12, 2012

Washington continues to support militant Islamist groups as long as it’s politically expedient to do so, says global affairs researcher Benjamin Schett.

US military adventurism, and the war crimes committed by the country’s forces, impoverish the entire region and ultimately lead to a rise in the number of Islamic militant groups, he told RT. Such groups, he says, can end up posing a threat to US citizens.

Schett spoke to RT about the killing of American Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other embassy staff in Libya.

See also here.

From the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (Cairo, Egypt):

Libya: ‘Demonstration and Set-in Organizing Law’ – a New Law to Repress the Freedom of Opinion and Expression

11 November 2012

Press release

Cairo — ANHRI expressed its deep concern due to “the Libyan national conference, “Parliament” to enact the law on “Demonstration and Set-In organizing”, which stipulates that it is conditioned to obtain a permit from the authorities and to determine the place and time of the demonstrations in addition to make the organizers responsible for maintaining the security and order during the demonstrations.

The National Conference has enacted the law that organizes the demonstrations which could restrict the significant means of the freedom of expression. In addition to that, it restricts the significant tools to press the ruling authorities to achieve the will of the people. The law stipulates that the demonstrations’ organizations shall be in accordance with the constitution and shall not hinder the flow of work of the public utilities. The law provides that the demonstrators shall obtain a precedent permit from the competent authorities. “The demonstration shall have an organized committee composed of three people, head and two members, who shall be named by notice to the security directorate in which the demonstration places in its jurisdiction. The committee shall maintain the order during the demonstration and ban any speech that violates the public order or include incitement for crimes”.

The law emphasises the necessity that the demonstrators shall submit a written request to “the security directorate in whose jurisdiction the demonstration is planned . Such written request shall include the date and the time of starting of the demonstration, date of start, itinerary and ending it before the specified time of the demonstration of 48 hours”.

The law also gave the authorities and the concerned bodies the right to amend the date of starting the demonstration and its end. In addition to determining the place of held and its itinerary in order to maintain the public interest, not to disable the interests of the country, maintaining security and exposing the citizens safety to risks. The law also make it possible to abort the attempts to freedom of expression through demonstration as it gives the right of dispersing and banning the demonstrations to the authorities in case of it causing public security disturbance.

ANHRI said that “Such a law is deemed to restrict the freedom of opinion and expression. It is natural that the authorities would ban the demonstrations which erupted against its governmental performance. In addition to, not let the demonstration take place in the significant utilities of the country which deemed to be one of the main basic tools to press the government to respond to the request of its people”.

ANHRI calls for the necessity of removing this article related to the restricting of the protest and notifying the authorities that liberties should be like in the majority of the world. In addition to that, the notifiers should not be liable to maintain the security which is among the core of the work of the executive authorities and its security bodies.

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