Record visits numbers at this blog, again

I did not intend to bother the non-statistics-loving part of the readers of this blog with, again, a blog post about a new visits milestone here, so soon after my post on 5 November 2012. Then, there were 1,866 visits; the most since Dear Kitty. Some blog moved to WordPress in December 2011.

If there would have 1,867 visits yesterday, on 6 November, that would have been a record again. But I probably would not have blogged about it.

However, the 6 November figure was 2,729. For the first time, both the 2,000 and 2,500 barriers were passed.

Thank you, everyone!

The 13 countries from where most visits came on 6 November were:

United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 1,879
United States FlagUnited States 304
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 54
Canada FlagCanada 52
Ireland FlagIreland 51
Romania FlagRomania 29
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 26
Greece FlagGreece 22
Singapore FlagSingapore 20
Australia FlagAustralia 19
Jamaica FlagJamaica 18
Italy FlagItaly 18
Spain FlagSpain 17

The ten posts with the most visits on 5 November were:

Title Views
British Thatcher aide accused of child abuse 1,824
Home page / Archives 184
New Zealand rare whale discovery 64
Dutch bishop’s Icelandic sexual abuse scandal 40
New visitors record again 33
After 35 years, wounds of Vietnamese napalm girl Kim Phuc still hurt 30
New Canadian beetle species discovery 18
Botany, economy and art, exhibition 15
Greek general strike today, tomorrow 14
Old Caribbean Papiamento text discovered 13
Other posts 494

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