Greek anti-austerity struggle continues

This video from Greece is called Thousands protest in Athens anti-austerity rally.

From Keep Talking Greece blog:

Austerity Bill Pass with 153 Votes – ND, PASOK Expel 7 MPs

8 November 2012

With 153 ”Yes” votes the austerity package bill was adopted by the Greek Parliament on Wednesday night. The voting brought some casualties for Samaras coalition government as the bill received even less votes than originally thought. MPs from junior coalition partner Democratic Left voted “present”, following the party line except 2 MPs who voted No.

153 YES were voted by 126 MPs from Nea Dimocratia and 27 from PASOK.

128 NO were voted by the MPs from the opposition parties, 2 MPs from PASOK and 2 from DEMLEFT.

“Present” was declared by the MPs of DEMLEFT, 1 MP from ND and 3 from PASOK.

299 MPs were present at the voting.

Immediately after the voting concluded, Samaras expelled from the ND parliamentary group MP Kasapidis, while Venizelos expelled Parastatidis & Kassis (NO), Gkerekou, Bolaris and Koutsoukos (Present) and historical PASOK member Skandalidis, for being absent from the voting.

The next crucial voting on the budget 2013 wll take place on Sunday, November 11th, 2012.

Private sector union GSEE has called for a protest rally on Sunday afternoon.

Wednesday’s voting leaves once-powerful PASOK with only 27 seats in the Parliament.

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