Get British soldiers out of Afghanistan

This video from the USA in 2009 is called Veterans to Obama: Do Not Escalate in Afghanistan.

By Roger Bagley in Parliament in London, England:

MP: Bring our troops home by Christmas

Wednesday 07 November 2012

Labour MP Paul Flynn urged the Con-Dem government today to help US President Barack Obama end the Afghan bloodbath by bringing British combat troops home for Christmas.

Mr Flynn triggered bad-tempered Westminster exchanges when he voiced his withdrawal demand, after hailing Mr Obama’s re-election as “a moment of great joy and satisfaction.”

The Newport West MP was in sparky form following his return to the Commons after five weeks’ suspension for accusing defence ministers of lying over Afghanistan.

He stopped Defence Minister Andrew Robathan in mid-speech, accusing him of failing to answer any questions.

“I’ve heard this speech a thousand times,” he told the plodding minister.

Mr Flynn launched a Westminster Hall debate to demand withdrawal of combat troops from Afghanistan, telling fellow MPs that his weeks of suspension had been “well worth it in every possible way.”

It had given him a chance to speak to people throughout the country and confirm that public opinion “wants us to bring our combat troops home by Christmas” and end the “deep deception” over Afghanistan.

Mr Flynn said President Obama’s two main tasks were to end the bloodshed in Afghanistan and to avoid war with Iran.

Green MP Caroline Lucas condemned Mr Obama’s so-called “surge” of 30,000 extra troops, and Britain’s waste of £7 million each day on the war at a time when welfare benefits were being cut.

She clashed with Labour shadow defence minister Kevan Jones after he demanded that critics of Britain’s Afghan policy should face up to reality and acknowledge that “progress has been made.”

Ms Lucas asked him sharply if he really believed that the situation in Afghanistan was “better today than when we invaded.”

Five Royal Marines charged with the murder of an Afghan national will remain anonymous until after their court martial concludes, a judge ruled today: here.

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