New visitors record again

On 3 November 2012, there were 1,095 visits to my blog. That was then a record number ever since Dear Kitty. Some blog moved to WordPress.

Just two days later, Monday 5 November, yesterday, a new record number of visits again. This time, 1,866.

Thank you, everyone!

The 13 countries from where most visits came on 5 November were:

United Kingdom 998
United States FlagUnited States 452
Canada FlagCanada 45
Romania FlagRomania 36
France FlagFrance 22
Australia FlagAustralia 20
Greece FlagGreece 19
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 18
Germany FlagGermany 18
Philippines FlagPhilippines 16
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 14
Italy FlagItaly 14
Ireland FlagIreland 13

The ten posts with the most visits on 5 November were:

British Thatcher aide accused of child abuse 1,006
New Zealand rare whale discovery 318
Home page / Archives 117
Shell pollution in Nigeria, petition 18
Many great tits, pigeons migrating 16
After 35 years, wounds of Vietnamese napalm girl Kim Phuc still hurt 15
Bank, Standard and Poor’s convicted for fraud 15
Save Swedish wolves, petition 13
Tanzania sunbird nest photos 13
After Hurricane Sandy, still more misery? 11

20 thoughts on “New visitors record again

    • Yes, it varies from day to day. Usually, the UK is not the country with most visits, but recently it is, because of the Thatcher Downing Street pedophilia issue. When my blog was still at Blogsome, usually about 40% of visits were from the USA. Now, it is about 25%.


  1. I’m the New Zealander!!!
    I get to hang out with some of the wildlife you post about. We have korimako (bellbirds) and tui just by our verandah and lots of other native birds around. In a couple of weeks we’re going on a special outing to meet the short-tailed bats you recently posted about (our first time meeting bats). And if that doesn’t make you jealous here’s me (behind camera) with wife and daughter meeting a baby seal that was on it’s way back from playing in a waterfall.


    • Hi Kieran, I surely know there is also Valerie Davies and others in New Zealand 🙂 I don’t know exactly how the WordPress counter works. It does not count a blogger’s own visits. Maybe it does not count subscriber’s visits either.


      • These are NZ Fur Seals. Their numbers have made a fantastic recovery in the last 50 years, and they are now a fairly common site. This place, the Ohau Stream next to Ohau point is special and rare though because the young come up the stream to play in the pool below a waterfall and get away from the adults (there are actually lots of youtube videos of this). Don’t think I’ve ever seen a sealion except perhaps as a kid. Forest and Bird warning about extinction is alarming. We seem once more to have increasing numbers of endangerment, whilst those species to which we have been devoting great energy (such as Kakapo, Takahe, Black Robin, Kiwi) are almost all still threatened. My favourite bird of all, the Kea, seems to be declining drastically in numbers and the economic suffering of the poor seems to be taken as licence by the rich to plunder and destroy.
        Check out this video of Denniston (amazing place – visited about 6 months ago)


        • Hi Kieran, thanks so much for your extensive information! I was in New Zealand once, especially the sub-Antarctic islands; and was lucky to see sea lions at the Auckland islands.


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