Bahraini monarchy’s oppression continues

This video from Bahrain is called Police arrest Said Yousuf Almuhafda of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights on Friday.

Bahrain: Arbitrary detention of Mr. Sayed Yousif AlMuhafdhah: here.

Bahrain’s Relentless Crackdown Continues: here.

Bahrain Timeline: The Regime’s Path of Repression from 23 September to Today: here.

Bahrain Special: Growing Concerns Amid Questions Over Bombs and A Tide of Repression: here.

From the Going To Work site in Britain:

Bahrain: SMS your support for teachers’ unions

Two weeks ago, Mahdi Abu Dheeb and Jalila Al-Salman, the leaders of the Bahraini Teachers’ Association got sentenced for doing nothing more than peacefully leading their union in protest during last year’s Arab Spring uprising.

Both of them are innocent and both have been treated appallingly.

Mahdi was picked up by the security forces, beaten with a hose pipe, thrown into solidarity confinement for six weeks, forced to sign a confession under torture, denied medical treatment and then sentenced for a decade on trumped up charges.

And let Jalila tell you her story:

That’s why we’re urging everyone to support Amnesty International’s SMS Action calling for their release. It’s easy. Just text ACTION TEACH followed by your full name to 88080.

Bahrain revokes citizenship of opposition members: here. And here.

In the latest sign of a crackdown on dissidents in Bahrain, the government on Wednesday revoked the citizenship of 31 men, including exiled political activists and former opposition members of Parliament, citing security concerns: here.

10 thoughts on “Bahraini monarchy’s oppression continues

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