Tanzania sunbird nest photos

This video is called Beautiful sunbirds in the “Little Karoo” (South Africa).

Remember the post on this blog about purple-banded sunbirds, building a nest in a tree in Tanzania? And about an Indian house crow destroying that nest?

Recently, Ms Anne H. Outwater, author of the article in Tanzania Daily News which was the source of the blog post, was so kind to send me these three photos she made about these events. Thank you so much!

Female sunbird in Tanzania, June 2012

These two photos show the female purple-banded sunbird building the nest.

Female sunbird, June 2012

This photo shows the male sunbird at the nest, after the destruction by the crow.

Male sunbird, June 2012

December 2012. Tanzania’s many and diverse wildlife populations are under threat from illegal hunting, and large herbivores are particularly sought-after game. In the future, however, genetic markers can be used to identify meat from game in order to combat crimes against animals: here.

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