Amsterdam grass snakes

This video is called Britain in COLD BLOOD – The Grass Snake (Natrix natrix).

Translated from the Dutch RAVON herpetologists on 1 November 2012, about pro-grass snake measures in the north of Amsterdam:

Constructing a nesting heap is a simple but very effective grass snake conservation measure.

Grass snakes use such a heap to deposit their eggs. Depending on the mother’s size, around mid June forty eggs or less pro grass snake mother are deposited.

The high temperature inside the heap (which should be thirty degrees centigrade) will allow juvenile grass snakes to hatch about mid August. At birth, the babies are about 15-20 centimeter long. They already have the characteristic yellow rings around their necks.

The report says that about 90% of the eggs in the heaps hatch succesfully. This vulnerable species needs that; as near a city like Amsterdam it faces dangers like traffic, cats, dogs, and people who mistakenly think that grass snakes are dangerous.

See also here.


Prolific Blogger Award, thanks Imbuteria!

Prolific Blogger Award

Thank you so much, Imbuteria, for nominating Dear Kitty. Some blog for the Prolific Blogger Award, again, so soon after I got that award from Sage Doyle!

Here’s what the award stands for: “A prolific blogger is one who is intellectually productive… keeping up an active blog that is filled with enjoyable content.”

I am really honoured by this nomination. Imbuteria has a fine blog, in various languages, with frequent reblogs from many sources on subjects like the environment, women’s rights, civil liberties, etc.

Here are the rules:

1. Every winner of the prolific blogger award pass on this award to at least seven other deserving prolific bloggers [and link to them; and notify them about their nomination at their blogs].

2. Every prolific blogger please link back to the blog from which he/she has received the award.

I try not to nominate the same bloggers all the time for awards. Here are my seven nominees:

1. Literature and Culture

2. cindyknoke

3. InteriorStockholm

4. Iconicallyrare

5. Paris en photographies

6. Free Tag Zone – Inventaire de l’éphémère

7. Belle Grove Plantation

Finally, seven things about me:

1. I played soccer on a field close to my primary school in my early teens.

2. Later, I joined another soccer club, which played close to the railway station.

3. I was in a track and field club.

4. My favourite track and field activities were the long jump and 1500 meter running.

5. I joined a table tennis club in my teens. Soon after joining, I played a game against the national ladies’ table tennis champion, also a club member. I was very proud to lose “only” with 21-5. I had expected 21-0 for her.

6. Today, I went to a poetry event. I will report on that on this blog.

7. I also recently got two other blogging awards; from “R”HubBlog and from Paris en photographies. I will work on these two awards as soon as there will be time.

Record visitors numbers to this blog

Yesterday, 3 November 2012, there were 1,095 visits to my blog.

That was the highest number of visits on one day, ever since Dear Kitty. Some blog moved to WordPress in December 2011.

The blog post with most visits was British Thatcher aide accused of child abuse: 687 visits yesterday.

This video, from that blog post, says about itself:

24 October 2012

Prime Minister’s Questions: Labour MP Tom Watson wants an investigation into a powerful paedophile ring in Parliament and people who worked in the past at Downing Street.

On most days, the country with most visitors to this blog is the United States of America. However, yesterday, due to that blog post, it was Britain.

This week is not finished yet. However, I already know that it will be a week with a record in visit numbers as well. At the moment, 4,417 visits so far: for the first time, more than the 4,000 milestone.