Hurricane Sandy in America, a ‘Frankenstorm’?

This video from the USA is called Hurricane Sandy Hits Jamaica on Path Toward Cuba, Florida.

The eastern US is bracing for Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to make landfall next week. The storm looks set to be a record-breaker, and could cause severe damage. New Scientist breaks down what we know about the storm, and what it is likely to do.

Hurricane Sandy’s Five-Fold Flood Threat, with Local Maps: here.

Hurricane Sandy and birds: here.

Sandy and Haiti: here.

24 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy in America, a ‘Frankenstorm’?

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  4. Our town has been hit by two 100 year floods in the last 5 years. People who have rebuilt their homes and businesses twice will not be able to afford it again. The floods were in the fall season; both from reminants of hurricanes. This report is from upstate NY 150 miles from the nearest ocean. We live in a basin where 3 rivers that drain over 10,000 square miles come together.


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