Muscovy ducks and hares

This 16 March 2015 video is about the Polders Poelgeest nature reserve.

As I wrote on this blog, 23 October 2012 was a very beautiful day at the “Baillon’s crake reserve”. I saw a goshawk better than ever before; I saw a flock of over 100 snipes; and still more!

BUT: no camera.

So, next day, 24 October, I went again. This time, with a camera present.

Again, like yesterday, gadwall ducks in the canals near the southern entrance.

In the southern lake, teal swimming. And, like yesterday, snipes. But flying a lot less, not as disturbed, compared to yesterday.

Are they not afraid of the goshawk anymore? I look at the roof where the bird of prey sat. There is a bird. But it’s a carrion crow today.

So, unfortunately, less photo opportunities than yesterday. The weather is also a lot less sunny than yesterday 😦

On the northern lake island: snipes, lapwings, and teal.

Behind them, near the northern lake bank, a grey heron eats a fish.

A robin sings.

On the bank of the pond of the ex-“goshawk house”, two tufted ducks and mallards.

Female and male muscovy ducks, 24 October 2012

Also, three muscovy ducks. Males have a mostly white head; females a mostly black head.

Two male teal, 24 October 2012

Quite some teal in the marshy area not far from the railroad.

Hares, with Canada geese in the background, 24 October 2012

In the northern meadow: eleven hares (more than ever). And Canada, grey lag, and Egyptian geese.

Hare, 24 October 2012

Black-headed gull, 24 October 2012

As we walk back, a black-headed gull in winter plumage on a lamppost. It cleans its feathers.

Black-headed gull on lamppost, 24 October 2012

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