19 thoughts on “BP oil killing whales, cover-up

  1. Um , their where hundreds of dead starfish along our beach in panama city ” have article , they said it was because of a cold snap “, thousands of dead jelly fish . At this apartment complex i work at part time their are no crabs like their where a year ago it’s crazy and no MSM coverage as far as they where concerned WHEN THE WELL WAS CAPPED SO WAS THE STORY .
    Their where rumors at the start of this that they where making the animal corpses disappear and the ones they couldn’t they would sink .


  2. And don’t forget about all the birds that died of that year … it’s insane HOW MUCH OF THE GULF WAS COVERED IN OIL / including the hard to see stuff that comes before the actual oil , forget what it’s called .

    Then just imagine what it would have looked like it they didn’t use the ” corEXIT ” it could ha filled half of the gulf !


  3. And what about all these tarballs ?

    What happens when these tarballs / A.K.A corEXIT , oil and other chemical mixed with sand and dead micro organisms wash ashore onto the beaches and get covered in sand ?

    Well the sun heats the sand and the sand melts the tarballs and …. well figure it out .

    People may need special towels to bring to the beach cause if they lay on the actual sand they might get a rash or something !


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