5 thoughts on “Fatah losses in Palestinian elections

  1. Dear friend,

    An International Conference of “Solidarity with the Palestinian & Arab Prisoners and Detainees in Israeli Occupation Jails”, sponsored by the League of Arab States and hosted by the Republic of Iraq, will be held on 11 & 12 of December 2012 in Baghdad.

    Many lawyers, intellectuals, artists and activists in the Arab countries have signed a petition condemning the attempt by the Government of Iraq to exploit the suffering of the Palestinians at the hand of the Israelis. After the US-led invasion in 2003, Palestinians in Iraq were subject to discrimination, sectarian violence and ruthless killing by the Iraqi government and various militia groups.

    Under these circumstances it would be hypocritical to organize a conference in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. The Iraqi government should first come to terms with its criminal behaviour against its own Palestinian refugee population. That’s why I am seeking your support to boycott this conference and to discourage anyone from attending. You find more information about this conference on the website of the BRussells Tribunal: here

    With my best regards.

    Sabah Al-Mukhtar, President of the Arab Lawyers Association (UK) and member of the Executive Committee of the BRussells Tribunal.


  2. Gush Shalom calls upon the singer Noa to cancel her performance at the “Jerusalem Day” events tomorrow. It is inappropriate for a singer who identifies as peace-minded to take part in an event celebrating occupation and oppression. “Jerusalem Day” is a day of celebration for settlers who dance with flags and chant racist slogans

    Press Release May 7, 2013

    Gush Shalom, the Israeli Peace Bloc, called upon singer Achinoam Nini (“Noa”), to cancel her scheduled performance during the events of “Jerusalem Day” tomorrow.

    In a letter delivered to Nini’s office, Gush Shalom stated “The Jerusalem Municipality billed the event where you are to appear under the title ‘Jerusalem will mark 46 years since her liberation and unification’. This is the same municipality which is a major apparatus of oppression against the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem, to whom the main municipal services are bulldozers to demolish their homes. Jerusalem was neither liberated nor united. 46 years ago, an occupation rule was established over two hundred thousand Palestinians in East Jerusalem. The so-called Jerusalem Day is primarily a holiday for the settlers and their friends, dancing provocatively with flags in the Old City of Jerusalem, chanting abuse at the Arab residents, and often moving from chanting into actual violence. What has a singer who is identified with the Israeli peace camp to do with such a day of celebrating conquest and occupation? ”

    Gush Shalom mentioned that a year ago, Noa took part in an Alternative Memorial Day ceremony, singing before a joint gathering of bereaved Israeli and Palestinian families. “At that time you have faced very credibly an outpouring of hatred from the extreme right. You them you wrote that the moving ceremony in which Israelis and Palestinians stood together ‘was marked by unity, understanding, empathy and especially peace. All bereaved families came there to choose for life over death. I suggest we all calm down and start thinking how we can break the cycle of callousnes and hatred’.

    So you wrote a year ago – and what has changed since? Why are you this year singing at a ceremony of callousness? When the day comes of the signing of peace between the independent State of Israel and the independent State of Palestine, and Jerusalem becomes a true city of peace and the capital of two states – that would be the true Jerusalem Day, a time which will be worthy for you to sing and celebrate. ”


    Adam Keller +972-(0)54-2340749


  3. Dear Avaazers,

    Gaby Lasky is an Israeli lawyer who dedicates her life to defending the families leading Palestine’s growing nonviolent movement for freedom. But the Israeli government is ratcheting up its crackdown on these peaceful heroes and they and Gaby need our help. Pledge to support Gaby and the nonviolent movement for freedom:

    Pledge now
    Israeli soldiers are entering Palestinian homes in the middle of the night, snatching children from their beds, blindfolding them and taking them away.

    These children aren’t terrorists or related to any terrorists. Their families are participating in an inspiring nonviolent movement, peacefully protesting the segregation of the occupation and seeking the same thing that all Israelis already have: freedom, dignity and a state of their own. But the Israeli military and police are viciously cracking down — beating and jailing them.

    But one brave woman is standing up for them — Gaby Lasky — a diminutive and savvy Israeli lawyer. Gaby is their lifeline — she is who these nonviolent heroes call when they need help. She and her team answer desperate calls from the West Bank in the middle of night, and spend the day in military court fighting bogus charges against nonviolent leaders. And, against the odds, Gaby wins.

    But this legal persecution of the leaders has sky-rocketed in recent months. Arresting the leaders of this growing civil disobedience movement is the surest way to kill this potential gamechanger for freedom and peace. And Gaby is struggling to defend all their cases. If we all chip in now, we can help build the remarkable movement of hope and support Gaby so she can hire more lawyers to defend its leaders and bring legal challenges that can change the systematic injustice of the occupation:


    Gaby told us how this ludicrous, legally sanctioned repression in the West Bank works. Soldiers detain kids, often in the middle of the night, and ask them for information on leaders of the nonviolent movement. Kids as young as 12 are held for hours without access to their parents, much less attorneys. It can be days before they see a judge. And a child’s coerced testimony is all the army needs to arrest leaders of this nonviolent movement.

    Palestinians in the occupied territories live under martial law, and have for decades. They don’t have the civil liberties most of us have, or that the illegal Israeli settlers that live next door have — freedom of expression, movement, or freedom to organise. When they are arrested by the Israeli army and charged, they are tried in military courts. These are more like pre-prison rubber stamp factories. In 2010, the conviction rate was 99.74%. In one trial Gaby defended an innocent Palestinian so well that not even the kangaroo military court could convict him, but when the judge announced the acquittal, the court translator did not even know how to translate the word. Amazing but true.

    Right now, in towns across the West Bank steadfast groups of citizens come out each week, sometimes daily, in civil disobedience. They march to stolen springs and olive trees, to closed roads and massive militarized walls in peaceful defiance of a crippling occupation. It’s a beautiful, heroic DIY movement and if our community steps up we can give it real help.

    By arresting the leaders of this movement the Israeli army is trying to suffocate a spark of hope that could actually change the the brutal, broken nature of the conflict. Let’s stand with this movement now. Pitch in a small amount to help Gaby give life-saving legal defense to nonviolent leaders from trumped up charges, to support this movement to grow across the West Bank, and to engage our global community to take this peaceful resistance from local to global. Pledge to chip in now:


    The Avaaz community has been unwavering in its support for freedom for the Palestinian people and peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Last year our 1.8 million strong campaign for a Palestinian state played a key role in forcing Europe to vote to recognize Palestine at the UN. Now it is time to support this courageous movement to end the occupation.

    With hope and determination,

    Alice and the rest of the Avaaz team


    When Montgomery comes to Nabi Saleh (Foreign Policy)

    The Rise of Palestinian Non-Violence: A Conversation with Mustafa Barghouti (Daily Beast)

    Israel in Peril (New York Review of Books)

    ‘Drip, Jordan’: Water supply as a focal point of occupation (Harper’s Magazine)

    Is this where the third intifada will start? (New York Times)

    For West Bank protesters, legal knowledge is power (+972 Magazine)

    The West Bank’s 2012: The Year of the Israeli Settlement (TIME)

    Palestinian dies after being shot during protest (Jerusalem Post)

    Mustafa Tamimi: A murder captured on camera (+972 Magazine)


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