British badger killing postponed

This video is called European Badgers (Meles meles) in mid Wales – May 21st, 2011.

From the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in Britain:

It’s time to vaccinate badgers

Last modified: 23 October 2012

The Environment Secretary’s announcement today about the postponement of the badger cull has been welcomed by the RSPB.

Martin Harper is the Society’s conservation director. He said: “These culls have proved to be extremely divisive. The science suggests that culling will not deliver the solution to this serious and urgent problem. Today’s announcement suggests that farmers and badgers will be in exactly the same situation next summer.


“This window gives Owen Paterson an opportunity to lead the Government out of this muddle by embracing a vaccination programme, giving a lifeline to livestock farmers and badgers.”

For the Badgers’ Sake, Let’s Ensure This Stay of Execution Becomes a Permanent End to the Cull: here.

BADGERS are being cruelly tortured and a special police crime team is investigating Gloucestershire people who are encouraging the activity: here.

A Shropshire wildlife group says it has evidence badgers have been illegally shot and then dumped on the roadside to make it look like they were roadkillL: here.

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