18 thoughts on “Pesticides kill bees, new research

  1. How interesting. You’ve seen my recent blog post ‘Keep Britain Buzzing’ about the neonicotinoid question, about which I haven’t yet decided on my opinion. But the inclusion of pyrethroids in the study you describe here is news to me.

  2. Could communication devices such as wifi and/or mobile phone towers be interfering with bees ‘homing device’ causing it to malfunction and getting lost from the hive also?…. Bee populations have not declined. They have simply immigrated to countries such as South America. But what is causing them to leave??

    • Hi, do you gave a credible, science-based source for bee populations supposedly not declining, but going to South America? I also think that pesticides are for likely to harm bees than wifi.

      • Obviously, pesticides are the primary source of concern. I can’t put my finger on anything about bee immigration, but now that you have asked, and I cannot find, I will be searching for it. I read an article a few years ago about bee populations in certain cities and other countries rising. There was one in Argentina, but I can’t find the article yet. Wifi and mobile phones almost certainly interfere with bees homing devices, but the tech companies wont admit it. It’s taken them 20 years to admit mobile phones cause cancer, so…

  3. It also depends on what you call ‘Reliable’ science-based sources. The royal society, new scientist, chemistry and the like are not as trustworthy as you might think..

    • Hi, thanks for your links. I don’t think that the increase in South America etc. is caused by emigration from the USA etc. I think bees die in the USA; and that there are more efforts in breeding bees in South America etc. now.

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