Pesticide bird crime in England

This video is about ringing baby marsh harriers in England.

From Wildlife Extra:

Marsh harrier poisoned on Humberside

Illegal poison used

October 2012. The RSPB has launched an appeal and a £1,000 reward for information about a marsh harrier which was found poisoned in Humberside earlier in the year. Forensic analysis reveals that the bird was poisoned with Aldicarb – an agricultural pesticide that has been banned in the UK.

Martin Harper added: “At least four species of bird of prey have been persecuted to extinction in the UK during the last 150 years, including the marsh harrier. Although these birds are slowly recovering their numbers, they remain vulnerable and acts like this represent a continued threat to these birds: it’s time for the law to be upheld and that convicted of bird of prey poisoners should go to jail.”

Section 43 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 allows for the inclusion of a list of proscribed poisons and pesticides. The EAC report suggests the list of poisons, including Aldicarb, could be made by Government in a few weeks.

The news of the poisoning of this marsh harrier coiincides with the UK government’s Environmental Audit Committee’s Wildlife Crime report on the protection of birds of prey, which are being killed in large numbers each year in the UK.

See also here.

Better birds of prey news from Scotland:

Mull Eagle Watch is flying high after receiving five stars from VisitScotland

October 2012. It’s been wowing visitors for over a decade, but a popular attraction in Mull is set to have even more tourists flocking after becoming only the second 5-star Wildlife Experience in Scotland. The Mull Eagle Watch, which offers unrivalled views of nesting white-tailed eagles, has earned VisitScotland’s highest Quality Assurance grading award.

A police constable amassed a collection of 649 rare birds’ eggs by stealing from nests, often while on duty for Suffolk Police, a court has heard: here.

Namibia: Police Caught Poaching Springbok: here.

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