Greenshank migration and ringing

This video is called Greenshanks foraging on Norwegian mountain lake.

From the BTO Bird Ringing ‘Demog Blog’ in Britain, with photos there:

17 October 2012

A Greenshank fae Aiberdeen to Ireland to Spain

Raymond Duncan writes:

Over 250 Greenshank have been colour-ringed since 2005 in a joint Grampian/Tay RG project investigating the origins, site fidelity and onward movements of birds on autumn passage through the Ythan Estuary (near Aberdeen) and Montrose Basin, NE Scotland. Ten individuals have been resighted in Ireland and four in Spain.

Recent reports of juvenile ‘RL: Light green/blue LL: Blue/black’ have been particularly interesting not only because of the speed of travel but also because it is our first sighting that confirms some birds visit Ireland before re-orientating south to Spain and beyond for the winter. It was ringed as a juvenile on the Ythan Estuary on 11/09/12.

Dermot Breen then resighted and photographed it … 11 days later at Muckrush, Lough Corrib, County Galway, right over near the west coast of Ireland.

He prudently commented that he thought the bird was just passing through as Greenshank aren’t too common at this inland site. How correct he was. Five days later Daniel Lopez Velasco resighted and photographed it … at Ponteceso Estuary, A. Coruna, NW Spain.

Thanks very much to both for reporting these sightings. Please keep an eye out for colour-ringed Greenshank where ever you are. Holiday birders have reported colour-ringed birds in Morroco [sic; Morocco], the Nijer Delta and this regular spring visitor on the Cape Verde Islands.

“Nijer Delta” is probably a misspelling for the Niger Delta in Nigeria. I hope for the greenshanks that they won’t land there on soil polluted by Shell or other Big Oil corporations, killing them.

14 thoughts on “Greenshank migration and ringing

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