Lithuanian voters reject austerity

This video from Lithuania says about itself:

Jun 25, 2012 by Vytautas Bakas

On June 21th National Association of Officers’ Trade Unions is organizing the protest action “Officers — against poverty in law enforcement”. Austerity affected the statutory officers in Lithuania probably the most in compare with other EU states. Mostly it has been unpaid vocation, lack of uniforms, limits for fuel (partly is the same till now). In 2008-2012 the authorities fails to any substantive and effective policies to tackle socio-economic problems of officers. Financing for the Interior and other statutory institutions fell more than 350 million LTL, including wages — more than 150 million LTL. The professional officers leaving the service and the beginners are earning less than 400 EUR.

The protest starts in the capital city Vilnius at the noon next to Parliament (Seimas). Policemen, firemen, state guard service officers, employees of the correction houses from all around the country will take part in demo, which starts 12.30.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Landslide election win for Labour

Monday 15 October 2012

by Our Foreign Desk

Lithuanians exasperated with austerity cuts handed a stunning victory to the left-leaning Labour Party, nearly complete results of Sunday’s election showed today.

The opposition Labour Party led by Viktor Uspaskich was leading with 23.4 per cent of the vote after nearly three-quarters of precincts were counted.

The victory set the stage for a coalition with the Social Democrats, who were second with 19.4 per cent, and Order and Justice, a populist party led by Rolandas Paksas, who became president in 2003 – only to be impeached the following year for violating the constitution and abuse of office. Paksas’s party was fourth with 9.2 per cent.

All three parties promised radical policy changes including increased wages and lower taxes.

The current conservative ruling coalition, led by erstwhile prime minister Andrius Kubilius, took only 12.3 per cent of votes.

The Kubilius government had dramatically raised taxes to ward off turning to international lenders for bailout funds.

Lithuania is beset with high unemployment – more than 13 per cent in the second quarter – and falling living standards due in large part to higher energy costs.

Leaders of the three opposition parties met early today to set out the broad outlines of an agreement for a new government coalition.

However only half the seats in the 141-member Parliament are determined by party lists while the other half consists of single mandates, many of which will require a run-off ballot in two weeks.

Only then will a clear picture of who could form the next government emerge.

Lithuania election: Voters ‘dump austerity government’: here. And here.

Germany’s super-rich are growing richer while the working class bears the cost of the financial crisis: here.

3 thoughts on “Lithuanian voters reject austerity

  1. Predictions are coming true. Give a democracy the ability to vote for their own benefits and it will eventually destroy itself. That is why we have a republic form of government in the US. It surely is not perfect but it has the ability to make corrections before it collapses on itself.


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