Anti-austerity protests worldwide

This video from the USA says about itself:

Oct 16, 2012 by TheRealNews

Occupy Wall Street targets Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, other economic elite.

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Greek journalists walked off the job for 24 hours today a day before a planned nationwide general strike against the new austerity measures the government is still negotiating: here.

The British economy is caught in the early stages of the same death spiral currently gripping Greece, writes Alex Callinicos: here.

Spain’s statistical institute warned today that one in every four workers is now officially out of work as the economic crisis tightens its grip on the country: here.

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    26 October 2012


    General strikes called against austerity in Spain and Portugal

    Last week, Spain’s main trade unions called a general strike for November 14, coinciding with similar action in Portugal and Greece, to protest government austerity measures and labour reforms.

    The general strike will be the second in Spain this year. A partial stoppage took place March 29. Fernando Lezcano, the spokesman for the Workers’ Commissions, said it would be the first-ever joint Iberian general strike with both Spain and Portugal participating.

    Last Friday, the Balearic islands and the northern province of Asturias became the seventh and eighth regions to ask for financial help. The islands will request €355 million ($462.7 million) from the central government’s €18 billion ($23.5 billion) rescue fund for the regions, while Asturias will seek €261.

    Catalonia has asked for €5 billion, Andalusia €4.9 billion, Valencia €4.5 billion, Castilla-La Mancha €848 million, the Canary Islands €756 million and Murcia €641 million.

    On the same day, the government of Valencia approved the layoff at least 3,000 public service employees—40 percent of its workforce, saving an estimated €300 million ($391 million).

    Thousands of protestors surrounded the Spanish parliament in Madrid on Tuesday in the latest protests against austerity cuts.


    Portuguese oil workers on strike over changes to the collective labor agreements

    Workers at the fuel and oil corporation Galp held a five-day strike in protest last week against changes to the collective labor agreements. It followed the announcement of the government budget for 2013, which included tax rises for workers and cuts in public services.

    According to reports, Matosinhos, situated in Porto, refines 110,000 barrels per day (bpd), and the Sines refinery, located near the capital of Lisbon, refines 220,000 bpd. Workers at the Galp Energia’s refinery in Matosinhos went on a three-day strike over pay and working conditions on September 17.

    Portugal expects its economy to contract a further 3 percent this year. The European Central Bank (ECB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the European Union (EU) are driving Portugal’s implementation of spending cuts and reforms in return for a €78 billion loan agreed last year.


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