19 thoughts on “Daniel Cohn-Bendit, from Green to anti-democrat

  1. Yes I agree with everything you say about this bast… i remember that many of May 68 gauchist leaders quickly turned into official imperialism supporters ( Alain Geismar, Denis Kessler, Serge July …), as a thing you normally expect from every “gauchist” . ( Read Lenin’s book about Gauchism, Communism childish disease ).
    All those guys, with the help of Trade Unions leaders and Socialist/Communist Parties leaders, managed to make the last revolution arousing from French masses abort . De Gaulle came back, the private property of production means stayed alive and the last chance to prevent barbarity vanished .
    I’m pleasantly surprised to read such an accurate insight from an Anglophone keyboard .
    Go on and cheers .


    • Hi phildange, thanks for your kind comment!

      My blog is in English indeed, but I am not a native Anglophone; and the Peter Schwarz article which I quoted on this post was originally in German.

      I am not sure about your “last chance to prevent barbarity” remark. A succesful revolution in France in 1968 might indeed have prevented neocolonial wars etc. But there are still movements today, from Latin America to Bahrain to the Occupy Wall Street movement etc., which might bring improvement.

      As for Lenin’s “Left-Wing” Communism: An Infantile Disorder book: I would not insult Sylvia Pankhurst by tarring her with the same brush as Daniel Cohn-Bendit today. Sylvia Pankhurst was criticized in Lenin’s book; but when Mussolini invaded Ethiopia, she sided with Ethiopia (she then became uncritical of Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie, which was wrong, but that’s another story).

      By the way, it seems that your WordPress blog still has to start 🙂


  2. Allright you’re not a born Anglophone so . Pardon me, I regret it a little .
    Sure what Lenin criticizes is not like the extremes we’seen later, but I thought deviant roots lead to monstrous fruits .
    About “the last chance”, I’m not really serious, but in the 60s the general consciousness in the western world was not so widely submitted to a mighty totalitarist control of the minds . A lot of workers still remembered that the rich and powerful are just our enemies, to speak briefly . And more than only neocolonial wars, the general level of putrifying capitalism we’ve reached now could have been avoided ( in this dream ) . After Bretton Woods, the begining of the ” there are no more rules but the law of the jungle” process happened when the Nixon gov. separated the dollar from its Fed equivalent amount of gold, making the rest of the world pay for the US debt . Don’t remember the year, 73,74?, but after 68 anyway . In 73, The French gov. deliberately and artificially created the DEBT with a law preventing the state from borrowing to itself as it was done until then and forcing itself to borrow from private banks (loi Pompidou/Giscard ) . Then Reagan/Thatcher came, and our lives in the low classes started looking every year more like shit .
    The international 68 burst was our last chance to do the thing not under a dramatic pressure but from a somehow solid ground . And with less religious brainless diversions too .
    Oh boy ! I used to love a good deal of Americans by that time …


    • Hi, “in the 60s the general consciousness in the western world was not so widely submitted to a mighty totalitarist control of the minds .”

      I think things are more complex than “good” consciuosness in the 1960s, “bad” consciousness now. The 1960s was still the Cold War era. When in the 1960s United States students demonstrated against the Vietnam war, construction workers (hard hats) beat them up. When five years ago, a Republican politician held a pro-Iraq war propaganda speech to those same construction workers (no, very probably not the same workers; their successors in that profession), the workers booed that politician.




  3. Well class consciousness in the States is not the best example, for their mythology makes every one dream of an individual unlikely success . But I know France, and I can tell you French workers were far less confused by that time . Of course, confusion did exist then, as always since 1789, but now the power’s henchmen have done immense improvements in the art of making people believe that what kills you is done for your good .


    • Hi phildange, the US has a lot more people than France, maybe making it not such a bad example 🙂 Of course, size does not say everything, as Bahrain is very small; and an overthrow of the absolute monarchy in Bahrain might have big consequences for bigger Saudii Arabia, and maybe far beyond the Arab world.


  4. Overthrowing an absolute monarchy is only a start . History showed us that between this start and a true Socialist state many forces do all they can to keep wealth in the same hands, or other greedy sharks’ jaws .
    And about the US, I’ve have been told once or twice they are bigger than France, and the world’s omen is that no real revolution can succeed if the US people don’t overthrow the criminals who are in charge of money and power there . And, as I said, class stuggle consciousness suffers from a lot of diversions overthere, more than in any other country where the majority is supposed to be allowed to some schooling .


  5. Well Petrel, asking average Americans what they think of Socialism is as pointless as asking them what they think of Neo-Platonicism . The knowledge they have of both must be about the same . No; I’m wrong : they heard of Socialism, and the Fow News watchers have heard a lot about it .
    When I was young, I discovered with surprise that Americans believe everything they are told . That’s how I summed it up when I came back . It maybe come from the religious fanatics who migrated in mass in the beginning ? Personal opinion and research are quite uncommon there . Also, the weight of conformism is extraordinary, even in matters like mowing one’s lawn in suburban estates, smoking or banning cigarettes . Every one must do and think as everybody does . I know there still are human beings in this beautiful land, but I feel for them . Add the general ignorance about history, geography, politics, the list is long, and you get the actual US Zoo .
    I reckon Europe is following the same way, but as we started our regression from a higher point, it’s not as obscene here yet .
    About German Social-Democracy, Lenin, after Marx, thought the major act of the world revolution would come from it to help the young and frail Soviet Union . But well, when Noske gave orders to slaughter the spartakist movement and kill Rosa and Karl, everybody could see that Social-Democrat leaders were a problem, to say the least . The next 1923 attempt combining dizorganisation and cowardice sealed the future of Germany and the world alas . Meanwhile the ugly Stalin was killing Socialism hopes in USSR, then leading the first Chinese revolution to a dead end ( dead is the accurate word here), and shit ! the planet had missed the train . Was it the last train to escape barbarity, gangsters in directorates and governments while the match Ayatollahs against Televangelists in trance is played in every media ? I hope we’ll have another chance, that’s all I can say .


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