British Lord compares gays to nazis

This video is about “The forgotten victims of the Nazi Holocaust, gay people.”

By Ned Simons in Britain:

Gay Marriage Could Turn Britain Into Nazi Germany, Lord Carey Tells Rally At Conservative Party Conference

Posted: 08/10/2012 15:49 BST Updated: 09/10/2012 14:34 BST

Britain risks becoming a totalitarian state as a result of gay marriage and could go the way of Nazi Germany, Tory opponents of the government’s plans have heard.

In Hitler’s Germany, in fact, LGTBQ people were massively murdered in concentration camps. They did not have the right to live, let alone any right to marry.

Addressing an anti-gay marriage rally in Birmingham Town Hall on the fringes of the Tory Party conference on Monday, the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey said Christians had so far been “too timid” in their opposition to the government’s plans.

the government of Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron

Rallying the crowd with a speech that ended with her arms raised in the style of an American pastor, Widdecombe said the restrictions on peoples’ freedoms that would come from gay marriage were “the hallmark of a totalitarian states down the ages”.

She added a direct appeal to David Cameron warning him he had done a “lot of damage to the party” and to “drop this measure now”. …

The former shadow home secretary dismissed the concerns of the protesters outside the event who had greeted guests with shouts of: “You say Tory, we say bigots” and “Your son might be gay – and that’s OK”. …

Gay marriage may be creating divisions in the country but it is also a source of deep divisions within the Conservative Party, whose leadership has sought to embrace its gay members and shake off the legacy of Section 28, and other pieces of legislation viewed as anti-gay.

Senior Tories including Cameron and George Osborne have forcefully set out the case for gay marriage, however opponents have been very vocal at the Conservatives’ conference and a poll of local Tory chairman [sic] showed that 71% oppose the plans. …

One Tory party member in his 20s, who said he was heterosexual, told HuffPostUK that he could not believe the “bonkers” anti-gay marriage voices he heard around the conference centre.

But another attending the rally in the Town Hall repeatedly ordered this reporter to write down the strongest anti-gay marriage lines “in capitals”.

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