Rottum island birds and flowers

This is a video about common terns on Rottum island in the Netherlands. This species nested there for the first time in 2011. The video also shows an avocet passing.

Saturday, 29 September 2012.

After sailing from Schiermonnikoog, our ship allowed itself during low tide to run aground on a sandbank near the desert island Rottum, as the video shows.

Rottum, seen from the Wadden Sea, 29 September 2012

Now, I have to walk barefoot on the sand and through the now shallow sea for about half an hour to Rottum.

I pass sanderlings and dunlins.

We reach the dunes of Rottum. Normally, it is illegal to go there. However, as the birds’ nesting season is over now, today is an exception.

Rottum, sanderling and young herring gull, 29 September 2012

Sanderlings on the beach.

Rottum, sanderling, 29 September 2012

Two sanderlings, Rottum, 29 September 2012

Eider duck female, Rottum, 29 September 2012

Among the breaking waves swims a female eider duck.

Bar-tailed godwit, Rottum, 29 September 2012

On the beach, a bar-tailed godwit looks for food.

Bar-tailed godwit, feeding, Rottum, 29 September 2012

Bar-tailed godwit, feeding, and ringed plover, Rottum, 29 September 2012

Bar-tailed godwit walking, Rottum, 29 September 2012

Bar-tailed godwit, Rottum, 29 September 2012

On the outer edge of the outermost dune, European searocket flowers.

The warden tells that the rare grayling butterfly lives on the island. It is too late in the year to see it now.

In the summer, there are two wardens on the island, studying birds and other wildlife and keeping out trespassers. In winter, about two times a month, birds are counted on Rottum and Zuiderduin islet not far away.

On the beach, a Zirfaea crispata shell.

On the sea-side of a dune, sea lyme grass. It grows here spontaneously, contrary to European beachgrass, often planted by humans to make dunes stronger against flooding.

On the inner side of a seaside dune, bittersweet flowers.

In the marshy area behind the dunes, grey lag geese. There has been a marine wash-over on the island this year. Bringing salt water, which is good for some species and bad for others.

Three pintail ducks.

Just before we reach the warden’s house again, a meadow pipit flying and calling.

Ringed plover, Rottum, 29 September 2012

Meanwhile, on the beach, a ringed plover.

As we walk back to the ship, many dunlins.

Ship on sandbank near Rottum, 29 September 2012

Brent geese fly past.

Rottum plants: here.

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