Dutch migratory birds counted

Right now, there is autumn bird migration, not only in Sweden, but everywhere in Europe and over the northern hemisphere.

This video is about bird migration in England.

Translated from BirdLife in the Netherlands:

Chaffinch ​​number one during bird count day

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Few birds migrate because of bad [rainy] weather

During the national bird count day the chaffinch was most often counted, not less than 41,066 times, followed by starlings and lapwings. Today thousands of birdwatchers counted as many birds as possible across the country at more than 150 different locations. BirdLife Netherlands coordinated this massive migratory bird count, part of Euro BirdWatch, with more than 40 countries participating. In the Netherlands 228,126 birds were counted and birders observed 169 species.

The top 10 in the Netherlands

1. Chaffinch (2) 41,066
2. Starling (1) 35,291
3. Lapwing (7) 31,878
4. Black-headed Gull (6) 13,198
5. Meadow Pipit (3) 12,864
6. Greylag Goose (5) 8331
7. Great Cormorant (11) 6895
8. Barn Swallow (50) 5920
9. Redwing (40) 5508
10. Wigeon (11) 5314

In () = the ranking of 2011.

This year, there were some remarkable observations, two sea eagles, a Lesser White-fronted Goose, a red-breasted goose and a Lapland Longspur. Euro Birdwatch is an initiative of BirdLife International, the global organization for the protection of birds in which BirdLife in the Netherlands participates.

The day after Euro BirdWatch, many more birds migrated in the Netherlands.

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