Egyptian women’s rights struggle

This video, recorded in the USA, says about itself:

Gihan Abouzeid is an Egyptian human and women’s rights activist. In addition to two books, she has written for several newspapers and scholarly journals. Abouzeid is also a member of Ana El Hekaya, a Cairo-based feminist theater group that tells the stories of everyday Egyptians during the 2011 Revolution. She was active in the uprising herself and continues to contribute to Egypt’s social movements. Abouzeid is currently editing a book of women’s experiences during the 2011 revolution, which should be completed later this year.

David Zlutnick interviewed Abouzeid while she was recently in the Bay Area, and the two discussed the latest events in Egypt, challenges for social movements following the 2011 revolution, and in particular concerns over women’s rights and efforts to promote and empower women in Egypt.

A transcript of this interview is here.

Egypt’s doctors began a strike on Monday, refusing to provide non-emergency services in public hospitals to protest against run-down facilities and meagre wages: here.

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