Leatherback turtle rescued

This video from the USA says about itself:

On Thursday, September 20, 2012, a leatherback sea turtle stranded alive in Truro, Mass. The sea turtle was rescued by Mass. Audubon and IFAW, then transported to the New England Aquarium’s Animal Care Facility in Quincy, Mass., for treatment. The turtle’s condition improved enough to be released on Saturday, September 22. He was fitted with a satellite tag and released from the lobster boat, Sea Holly. The turtle was still underweight and the prognosis remains unclear. But this individual sea turtle has been afforded another chance at survival as an endangered species that is staring down extinction.

See also here.

A drier, hotter climate in Central America could wipe out the population of leatherback sea turtles from the eastern Pacific Ocean by the year 2100, according to a grim projection published on July 1 in Nature Climate Change: here.

Feb. 26, 2013 — An international team led by the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) has documented a 78 percent decline in the number of nests of the critically endangered leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) at the turtle’s last stronghold in the Pacific Ocean: here.

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