New grasshopper species discovery in Antwerp harbour

This is a video about the newly discovered grasshopper species.

Sphingonotus caerulans in Antwerp, photo Ruben Foquet

Translated from Natuurpunt Studie in Belgium:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

“Who will discover the first Sphingonotus caerulans grasshopper in Flanders?”, the locust study group Saltabel asked itself. Of this species, only a few sites are known in Belgium, all in Wallonia. In August 2012, the Sphingonotus caerulans grasshopper was discovered and documented for the first time in Flanders. This unique find in the Antwerp port invites further investigation.

Sphingonotus caerulans for years now has been expanding to the north, possibly partly due to climate change. The natural habitat of this grasshopper consists of dry, rocky terrain, similar to railway embankments. In the Benelux countries it is almost exclusively found along railways. …

UPDATE: On September 9, 2012, a month after the discovery of the Sphingonotus caerulans grasshopper in the port of Antwerp, the second Flemish population was discovered in the Ghent port. There at least 5 specimens were found in a railway embankment.

Two grasshopper species have been examined to see if they modify their fleeing strategies when repeatedly approached by a predator: here.

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