Greek, Portuguese, Spanish anti-austerity fights

The leader of Portugal‘s CGTP union confederation has called a protest for the coming weekend after a disappointing meeting with coalition Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho on Monday: here. See also here.

This video from 2011 is called Greek general strike to be extended, as pressure mounts over debt crisis.

Greek workers will unleash a nationwide general strike tomorrow, which is set to bring large parts of the country to a halt: here. See also here. And here.

Noisy groups of angry Spaniards gathered in Madrid today ahead of a demonstration outside parliament against the government’s austerity measures: here.

Thousands of people surrounded the Spanish Parliament in Madrid on Tuesday to protest austerity measures and the loss of public confidence in elected leaders: here.

Prostitution Classes Advertise Solution To Unemployment In Spain: here.

Tens of thousands protest austerity policies in Portugal, Spain: here.

September 2013: Portuguese voters gave the conservative Social Democrat Party a spanking in local elections on Sunday over its draconian cuts programme: here.

3 thoughts on “Greek, Portuguese, Spanish anti-austerity fights

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