9 thoughts on “Neo-nazi attacks Polish ex-forced labourers

      • I’ve been reading about the Greek junta coup in the late 70’s and I think there are shadowy statist forces behind them. It’s been documented in the ‘Operation Gladio’ trials in Italy and elsewhere in Europe in the 80’s and the P2 masonic scandal that NATO members fund these right-wing terror groups.
        They can’t let the people achieve self-determination as they would throw off the military control.


        • Yes, there are links between NATO and the Greek coup colonels (whose coup was in 1967, not in the late 1970s), who used the NATO plan “Prometheus” for their coup.

          There may be links between the Greek Golden Dawn nazis of today and some NATO people (though if Golden Dawn would put their plans of war against NATO partner Turkey into practice, that might embarrass other NATO people).


  1. Extreme right-wingers disrupt Mandela statue unveiling

    Tuesday 25 September 2012

    Five members of the extreme right-wing organisation Voorpost were arrested in The Hague on Tuesday evening after disrupting the unveiling of a statue of Nelson Mandela by South Africa’s archbishop Desmond Tutu.

    During the ceremony the four shouted slogans and threw missiles, Nos television said. …

    The statue was made by artist Arie Schippers and is located close to the Omniversum.

    The archbishop is in the Netherlands for a few days. He has also been given an honorary doctorate by Groningen University and member[ship] of FC Twente football club.

    © DutchNews.nl


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