Bahraini pro-democracy fight continues

This video is called Witness Bahrain Raw Video: US Human Rights Observers Arrested.

By Jen Marlowe from the USA:

The ‘Secret’ Revolution That Could Set the Middle East Aflame

Posted: 09/18/2012 11:01 am

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (in the U.S. at Least)

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Jihan Kazerooni and I drove past scores of armed riot police on Budaiya highway as her iPhone buzzed non-stop: phone calls, Skype calls and, incessantly, Twitter. I had wondered what the phrase “Twitter revolution” really meant when I heard it used in connection with Iran in 2009 and Egypt in 2011. Here, in the small Gulf Kingdom of Bahrain, I was beginning to grasp the concept.

I was in that country for three weeks as a part of the Witness Bahrain initiative, a group of internationals seeking to document and expose human rights abuses perpetrated by the regime against protesters and activists. Aside from brief spurts of coverage, the crisis in Bahrain had largely been ignored by the U.S. media.

Bahrain denies people “basic rights” – NGOs: here.

As the Human Rights Council (HRC) prepares to release its final recommendations on Bahrain, Index joins over 100 NGOs in calling for the country to implement the recommendations. Daisy Williams reports: here.

Bahrain Censors UN Website for Human Rights Session Live Stream: here.

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