28 thoughts on “Libyan NATO allies kill US diplomats

    • “the US is working with the Libyan government to bring the attackers to justice.”

      “He did not spell out what form “justice” would take.”

      Real justice would involve police detective work, finding out exactly who in Benghazi perpetrated the attack on the US consulate and who did not. Then, a fair trial with lawyers of their choice etc. for the suspects.

      However, if one bases oneself on US “War on Terror” precedents, the “justice” may very well turn out to be random revenge violence against Libyan civilians who did not having anything to do with the killing of the US diplomats.

      Many thousands of Afghan civilians died in blind US armed forces revenge violence, without any trials, let alone “justice”. After many years, Osama bin Laden, in Pakistan, might have been arrested and tried, but was instead executed without any trial (because a trial might have meant attention for Bin Laden’s old CIA links?).

      Saddam Hussein did get a trial; but it was a kangaroo court trial, in which his lawyers were murdered and judges who dared to not toe the George W Bush line 100% were deposed; and in which very few of the many crimes of which Saddam was accused were discussed. Very contrary to the 1945 Nuremberg nazis, much worse criminals than Saddam, who did get fair trials.

      Saddam Hussein at least got a kangaroo court trial. Most of the over a million Iraqis, mainly civilians, who died because of Bush’s invasion did not even get that.


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