6 thoughts on “Greek general strike, 26 September

  1. GREECE: The economy will have contracted by 25 per cent by the time the recession ends, finance minister Yannis Stournaras warned today.

    “The cumulative reduction of GDP since 2008 is just under 20 per cent and is expected to reach 25 per cent by 2014,” he said.

    Unpaid government bills and other debts to the private sector have reached €6.5 billion (£5.2bn).



  2. Rail transport staff strike in Athens, Greece

    Rail public transport employed on the Athens metro, tram and Kifissia-Piraeus ISAP electric railway began a 24-hour strike Thursday to protest the coalition government’s ongoing austerity programme, including the further €14 billion in cuts passed earlier this month.

    The workers are also protesting plans to increase ticket prices and are demanding the government return ticket prices to 2009 levels. As well as a drop in prices to one euro, workers are calling for free transport for the unemployed, students and people on low pensions.



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