Poetry, music, and elections

On Sunday, 9 September, in Leiden, the Netherlands, there was an afternoon of poetry and other things.

Amber-Helena Reisig, Leiden, 9 September 2012

First on stage was poetess Amber-Helena Reisig, from Heerlen in the southern Netherlands. Soon, her first novel and her first book of poetry will be published.

Then, Ed Citroen, guitar and vocals.

Then, a column by yours truly, on the 12 September elections, Mary Shelley, and Bram Stoker.

Thomas van 't Groenewout, Leiden, 9 September 2012

After a pause came Thomas van ‘t Groenewout, still at secondary school, with his poems. His subjects included a bus, a giraffe, and the band Joy Division.

Riekje Renes told a story about saving money.

Then, music by Ed Citroen again.

After another pause, two poets: Leo van Zanen and Hanneke van Eijken.

Finally, Ed Citroen again.

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