Egyptian geese and teal

Today, again to the reserve where I once saw Baillons’ crakes.

Near the entrance, a gadwall duck swimming.

In the southern lake: teal. On a muddy islet: northern lapwing, little ringed plover, and snipe.

Two shoveler ducks, three teal, and two coots on a still smaller muddy islet.

Grey heron, 8 September 2012

Grey herons. First one to the south.

Grey heron in a reed bed, 8 September 2012

Then another one, more to the north, in the reed beds.

A great cormorant flying.

Big groups of grey lag geese flying.

Juvenile Egyptian goose, 8 September 2012

Adult Egyptian goose, 8 September 2012

Near the northern canal, two young Egyptian geese with one of their parents, and a Canada goose.

Juvenile and adult Egyptian goose, Canada goose, 8 September 2012

Juvenile Egyptian goose spreads its wings, 8 September 2012

Then, a flock of domestic geese swimming.

Domestic geese, 8 September 2012

Near the railway: a great crested grebe.

Great crested grebe, 8 September 2012

Then, a moorhen. White moorhens: here.

Moorhen, 8 September 2012

Another adult great crested grebe with its chick.

Great crested grebe with chick, 8 September 2012

A mute swan flies past.

Mute swan flying, 8 September 2012

13 thoughts on “Egyptian geese and teal

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