Bahrain dictatorship update

This video is called Bahrain: Al Khalifa dictatorship tortures its people.

Bahrain Video Discussion: The Conflict and the Regime’s Public-Relations Effort: here.

Bahrain‘s PR Offensive: Buying Media, Burying Democracy (VIDEO): here.

Glenn Greenwald replies to CNN’s attempt to discredit story about compromised Bahrain coverage: here.

Bahrain arrests 6 supporting Arab Spring protesters: here.

Bahrain condemned as jailed Arab spring activists lose appeal: here.

Bahraini Activists Document Crackdown on Protest: here.

BAHRAIN 9/6/12: Sentences upheld against jailed human rights defenders, writers, and bloggers: here.

Bahrain: Despite the Ban, Opposition Protests in the Capital: here.

Bahrain 1st-Hand Special: Friday’s Manama Protests and the “Overwhelming Humane Side of People” (Ahlam Oun): here.

News that a civilian appeals court in Bahrain upheld the harsh prison terms —including several life sentences — of 13 “Arab Spring” activists last week, drew rapid fire from the human rights community. Their “crimes” — organizing largely peaceful protests to demand social and economic reforms from the ruling monarchy in 2011 — had branded them convicted traitors and terrorists, the kind of appalling injustice that American patriots had fought against more than 200 years ago: here.

DB group member Bill Marczak, also a founding member of BahrainWatch, has been working for the last many months with Google engineer Morgan Marquis-Boire tracking down Bahraini goverment use of commercial anti-crime spyware to monitor citizens: here.

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