4 thoughts on “Anti-Wall Street march in Charlotte, USA

  1. 1. “A bus of more than 40 people, many of whom being foreclosed on by Bank of America and who are unemployed, spent 15 hours traveling from Detroit, MI.”
    Q: Who paid for their meals and the bus?
    2. “No Papers No Fear bus, which left Phoenix, AZ on July 29 with more than 40 undocumented people to arrive”
    Q: We should listen to people who are here illegally?
    3. “whose homes are being foreclosed on, who have massive amounts of student loan debt”
    Q: Who forced them to take out a mortgage that they could not afford?
    Q: Who forced them to go to college?
    4. “being devastated by coal mining and energy rate hikes”
    Q: Does anyone see the self-contradiction within this phrase? Coal mining has kept our electricity rates low (as will drilling for gas). Our president wants more gas drilling and has said something like “I will stop generation of coal fired electric plants and the increase will be enormous.”
    Thanks for listening to “The Rest of the Story.”

    • Q1: Presumably, the march organizers paid the meals and the bus for them. People who have been swindled by Bank of America banksters, I’d say, have more right to travel and to eat than those billionaire banksters, bailed out by the US taxpayers.

      Q2: We should listen to any human being who has something interesting to say. A human being is a human being. A piece of paper is just a piece of paper.

      Q3: They took out the mortgages when their prospects looked good. Then, the economic crisis, caused by the banksters, came. The banksters were bailed out by the taxpayers. The home-owners were sold out. Same for the students.

      Q4: devastation by coal mining is especial environmental devastation, near the mines. While devastation by energy rate hikes does not happen necessarily near mines. So, not necessarily the same communities.

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