Saudis keep fighting for human rights

This video says about itself:

Saudi Arabia Human Rights: An oppressed woman’s cry for help (English subtitles)

A mother of 3 men detained without charge in Saudi Arabia cries out for help and blasts the Saudi government‘s detention of her sons.

Faisal, Mustapha and Riyadh Mohammed Mubarak Al Shihry have been tried and found innocent on several occasions yet the Saudi authorities refuse to release them.

From EA WorldView blog yesterday:

Saudi Arabia. Prominent Saudi activist Mohammed al-Qahtani, facing up to five years in prison, has vowed to keep campaigning for human rights.

“I will not abandon my activities even if I receive a death sentence,” Qahtani said a day after he appeared in court on charges of sowing sedition and rebelling against authorities.

The founder of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association continued, “I expect to get the harshest punishment. They have listed these charges against me to scare people.”

Qahtani said the court adjourned the case, which began in June, without setting a new date, as it requested “further explanatory documents” in his defence.

Several other ACPRA members are also awaiting trial, including Abdullah al-Hamed and Abdel Karim al-Khodr. The assocation claims the kingdom is holding about 30,000 political prisoners.

Egypt: Detainee in KSA [Saudi Arabia] Sends Call for Help: here.

Saudi Arabia: Reformist Figures Refuse Secret Trial: here.

5 thoughts on “Saudis keep fighting for human rights

  1. Saudi Arabia. Blogger Ana3rabeya gives a detailed account of Saturday’s hearing in the cases of activists Mohammad al-Qahtani and Abdullah al-Hamid, facing up to five years in prison for their activities:

    Mohammad al-Qahtani then addressed the charge made against him, that his own political activism impedes the country’s developments, “the corrupt are those who have brought our development to a halt!”. He then accused the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution of being an accessory to the secret security’s crimes against illegally detained citizens, adding that further evidence of this has been made available to the court, as many of the citizens’ families were willing to serve as testimonial witnesses — some were already present in the courtroom.

    “We must stop leading the youth into the flames of proxy wars, and then throwing them into jail cells”, explained al-Qahtani. Many observers noticed that by this time the judge was acting indifferent to the activist’s statements, forcing tired yawns to appear uninterested. He then interrupted al-Qahtani, asking him if he was simply rambling on, or if this was supposed to be part of his statement of defense, despite it being apparent that al-Qahtani was in fact reading from prepared documents that he had brought with him. The judge then allowed Al-Qahtani to continue, only to interrupt a second time with the ringing of his cell phone.

    The case was adjourned until the autumn.


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