56 thoughts on “Thai women’s escape from Bahraini forced prostitution

  1. Gulf sees most complaints from Indian workers

    By Andy Sambidge

    Saturday, 1 September 2012 10:43 AM

    Indians working in Gulf countries are responsible for the highest number of complaints about conditions this year, according to a government minister.

    By contrast, overseas workers in Malaysia have the least number of complaints regarding exploitation, ill-treatment or non-payment of salaries, said Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs, Vayalar Ravi in comments published in local media.

    He said those working in Kuwait have the highest number of grievances, totalling 2,253.

    Qatar, where many Asian workers are employed in its booming construction industry, saw the second highest number of complaints (2,194) as of July this year.

    Saudi Arabia (1,889), Oman (1,494), Bahrain (470) and the UAE (393) were also high on the list, he added.

    “The Indian government has taken several initiatives to protect the welfare of overseas Indian workers. There does not appear to be a continuous rise in the number of cases of exploitation or misbehaviour and harassment of Indian workers,” he said in a statement.

    Last month, it was reported that 100 Indian workers stranded in Bahrain for six years will be allowed to return home after their former employer, Nass Corporation, reached an agreement with the Indian Embassy.

    The Manama-based conglomerate said it had agreed to withdraw the case against the employees it accused of “absconding from work” following a dispute over wages in 2006.

    India has signed labour agreements with Jordan and Qatar, and memorandums of understanding (MoU) with the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Malaysia and Bahrain.

    The MoUs are designed to enhance bilateral cooperation in management of migration and protection of labour welfare.



  2. http://www.pattayadailynews.com/en/2012/09/17/thai-girls-rescued-from-bahrain-sex-traffickers/

    Thai Girls Rescued From Bahrain Sex Traffickers

    A Thai victim of sex trafficking in Bahrain led police to rescue 11 other Thai girls forced into prostitution in that country. Police arrested a 27-year-old Thai female suspect. However, another 37-year-old female suspect escaped arrest. Police said many more Thai girls are being forced into prostitution in several countries.

    BANGKOK – September 16, 20122 [PDN]: The arrest of a Thai woman for sex trafficking overseas was announced at the National Operation Center on Prevention and Suppression of Human Trafficking by Pol. Col Prasert Pattanadee, vice director of NOCHT; and Pol. Col. Chitpop Tomuen director 1, NOCHT police.

    The suspect was identified as Ms. Dutdao Yarana, or Champaign, age 27. She was arrested at Phuket International Airport.

    Ms. Dutdao is charged under the power of the criminal court warrant number 1489/2555. The warrant charges her with human trafficking by the combination of three or more people for other people’s sexual gratification, and the combination of engaging to provide, lure or draw other people into prostitution.

    Pol. Col. Prasert said the investigation of the trafficking case began on August 15, when a Thai woman deceived into being a prostitute in Bahrain called for help from Bahrain authorities.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the NOCHT police then co-operated with Bahrain police to help the victim. Further investigation led to the discovery of 11 other enslaved Thai girls living in room number 506 at Fareed 4 Apartments in Manama, Bahrain.

    All the women were returned to Thailand. One of the victims then identified the suspects as Ms. Dutdao, and also Ms. Benjawan Promma or Nueng, age 37, who was also charged with sex trafficking under the criminal court warrant number 1488/2555. However, Ms. Benjawan escaped before police could arrest her.

    The victims told police that Miss Dutdao and Miss Benjawarn were the ones who controlled them while they were living in the Bahrain apartment, and had seized all their passports. The two suspects then made arrangements with “Mrs. Pat,” a Thai woman married to a Bahrainian man. Mrs. Pat was the one who forced the girls to become prostitutes in many brothels in Bahrain, they said.

    The police investigation revealed that the suspects worked as a team to deceive the women in Thailand. They would deceive the victims by offering them highly-paid jobs in foreign countries. They told the victims that after saving money, the girls could then return to Thailand and not have to work anymore.

    But once the victim arrived at the foreign country, she would then be forced into prostitution. The victims also would not get paid for their illegal work. The sex traffickers also targeted young females from north or northeast Thailand. The victims would later be forced and threatened, even if they did not consent to be sex workers in Bahrain.

    Pol. Col. Prasert continued that the police are expanding the case to other human trafficking groups. There are still many sex traffickers and Thai female victims in Bahrain, as well as other countries, he said.

    He warned young Thai women that if they want to work aboard, be sure to check the recruiters thoroughly, and do not be convinced by their claims without proof or verification from trusted people.

    Victims who have been deceived can notify NOCHT at the hotline 1191, to have the police follow up to investigate and arrest the criminals.


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  35. Woman ‘forced into prostitution’

    Oct 10, 2013 (Menafn – Gulf Daily News – McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) –A WOMAN claims she was forced to work as a prostitute for five months by a couple who allegedly promised to help her pay for her sick child’s medication.

    The 27-year-old Thai woman told police she accepted a job at a salon in Bahrain so that she could send money home.

    However, she said the Bahraini man, 26, and Thai woman, 30, tricked her and beat her into having sex with men for money.

    She said she only managed to escape after she was driven to an apartment in Juffair where she was supposed to have sex with eight men.

    After she fled, she contacted her brother in Thailand, who reported the case to authorities.

    The 30-year-old Thai woman and 26-year-old Bahraini are now standing trial at the High Criminal Court for human trafficking and running a prostitution racket.

    The female defendant has also been charged with working as a prostitute, but both have pleaded not guilty.

    “I have visited Bahrain a couple of times before and she (the female defendant) told me I could work in a salon and she would pay for my ticket and expenses, so I accepted,” the victim told prosecutors.

    “One of my sons is really sick and I cannot afford to pay for his medication, so I was happy to find an income.

    “However, after I came to Bahrain, I met with them (the defendants) and they took my passport — saying they will get me a visa.

    “I then met a Saudi man I knew from before and he stayed with me for a week in an apartment she (the suspect) gave me.

    “I liked him and he helped me with money as I am a single mother.

    “However, after a week, he told me that he was going to get married to a woman in Saudi Arabia and would not be able to give me money any more.

    “I moved into her (the female suspect’s) apartment and she told me that I had to have sex with men to pay back the money she lent me.

    “They (the defendants) would beat me every day to force me into prostitution.”

    She said she was too afraid to escape because she had been tricked into believing the 30-year-old woman had connections with police and the Thai Embassy.

    “She told me that if I ran away and went to the police or the Thai Embassy, they would send me back to her because of her connections with them,” said the victim.”

    However, the victim said another woman who worked as a prostitute was able to buy her freedom by handing over BD1,500 and encouraged her to escape.

    “She told me to escape and that she would help me,” said the victim.

    “I met another woman in a hotel and she asked me why I was sad, so I told her about my ordeal.

    “After a week, he (the Bahraini defendant) took me to another apartment in Juffair to have sex with eight men, but I managed to run away and went to the woman’s house.

    “I then called my brother, who informed authorities in Thailand.”

    The Bahraini defendant initially confessed to prosecutors during questioning and admitted to forcing another woman into prostitution.

    Meanwhile, the female defendant told prosecutors she was a prostitute, but claimed she did not force other women into the profession.

    “The Bahraini is my boyfriend and we have sex all the time,” she told prosecutors.

    “However, I also have sex with other men for money because I cannot find a job.

    “I met her (the victim) in a hotel and she told me she wanted to be my roommate.

    “She then ran away so that she could avoid paying the rent she owes me.” The trial was adjourned until November 13 for the submission of defence papers. noorz@gdn.com.bh


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