Mass pilot whale stranding in Scotland

This video from the USA is about beached pilot whales.

From the BBC:

2 September 2012

Last updated at 12:30 GMT

Anstruther in Fife sees mass stranding of pilot whales

Animal rescue experts have been called to a mass stranding of whales on the coast of Fife.

More than 20 whales are thought to have died out of an estimated 30 that were stranded.

The coastguard said nine whales were being kept alive by vets from British Divers and Marine Life Rescue, with help from the emergency services.

The incident between Anstruther and Pittenweem involves pilot whales, each of them approximately 20ft (6m) long.

Forth coastguard were alerted to the incident at about 07:00 BST on Sunday.

Three of the stranded whales are believed to be young pups.

It is hoped four of the surviving mammals will be refloated at high tide on Sunday.

A large number of bystanders gathered at the scene, and the coastguard urged the public to stay away to allow rescue teams to carry out their duties.

Coastguard teams from St Andrews and Leven, Anstruther lifeboat, and Fife Police are assisting with the incident.

See also here.

3 thoughts on “Mass pilot whale stranding in Scotland

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