International Vulture Awareness Day today

This video is called International Vulture Awareness Day, 2011, Kenya.

By Melissa Mayntz in the USA:

Hooray for Vultures!

Today is International Vulture Awareness Day, a day to celebrate and appreciate these often misunderstood birds. Vultures are found all over the world and are critical for keeping ecosystems healthy by disposing of decaying carcasses, but too frequently they are persecuted, poisoned and reviled. By raising awareness about these birds, it is hoped that better understanding can be fostered and vultures will thrive once again.

How much do you know about vultures?

A-Z Vulture Species List
20 Fun Facts About Vultures
Threats to Vultures

Happy Vulture Day!

See also here.

16 thoughts on “International Vulture Awareness Day today

  1. yes, I agree, Vultures perform a great service… they couldn’t do without them in Tibet – do they still leave corpses outside for the vultures to dispose of> I think it has the edge on cremation, less pollution!


  2. Wonderful post! Thank you! We have Turkey Vultures here in NM and they are ugly on the ground but so beautiful as they soar across the sky. 🙂


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