7 thoughts on “British disabled keep fighting Atos

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  5. Remploy workers betrayed by union leaders

    Socialist Worker has given unparalleled support to Remploy workers, arguing for a strategy to save jobs and stop the Tories’ factory closures. But I don’t think you have been critical enough of the union leaders, whose conduct over the issue has frankly been criminal.

    Remploy workers are well-unionised. Most are members of the GMB or Unite. The latter is led by left winger Len McCluskey, who often says we need strikes to stop Tory attacks.

    The nationwide Remploy strikes in July were so successful that some workers seriouslyconsidered occupying their factories. But then Unite and GMB leaders abruptly called off the next national strike. Individual factories were left to fight on their own.

    Here are thousands of disabled trade unionists challenging not just Tory hypocrisy over the Paralympics, but also the stereotypes of disabled people as either workshy or passive victims.

    Remploy workers could have been touring Britain at TUC-sponsored public meetings, building solidarity for a campaign of coordinated strike action.

    But McCluskey & Co worried that a successful campaign over Remploy would embarrass Labour. After all, Gordon Brown’s government sacked 3,000 Remploy workers in 2008.

    It helps our side when leaders like McCluskey call for action. But we need to criticise them loud and clear when their actions betray thousands of Remploy workers.

    Roddy Slorach, east London



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