Atos corporate oppressors abuse beautiful fish

Atos corporation are infamous for their oppression of disabled people in Britain; with people dying as a consequence.

Their spin doctors try to make the public forget that by sponsoring the Paralympic Games, now going on in London.

That is not by any means Atos’ only public relations trick, associating itself with positive and beautiful things to hide their negative, ugly activities.

Atos Origin logo

In Atos’ logo, one sees a beautiful coral reef fish. Which has nothing to do with Atos, but never mind 🙂

It reminds me of polluting oil corporation BP, which tries to greenwash itself with a logo with lots of green. And to whitewash itself by sponsoring art; and the London 2012 Olympics.

It reminds me of the North Sea oil rigs of another polluting corporation, Shell, named after beautiful seabirds, endangered by Shell.

It reminds me … Etc.

BP, by the way, is not only a sponsor of the Olympics, but of the Paralympics as well.

Dow Chemical, another, to put it mildly, “controversial” Olympics sponsor, is a Paralympics sponsor too.

Activists turn up the heat on Atos in London and Cardiff: here.

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9 thoughts on “Atos corporate oppressors abuse beautiful fish

  1. “Sponsorship” is an example of the doublespeak you so rightly denounce in your excellent blog post. It is advertising pure and simple, but “sponsorship” sounds less commercial and more as if the sponsoring company are giving something good.


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