Rich foreigners poaching endangered Armenian animals

This video is about wildlife in Armenia.

From News.Am:

Foreign organizations hunt restricted animals in Armenia

Tue 28 August 2012 10:30 GMT | 12:30 Local Time

Armenia has unique animals—such as the Armenian Mouflon—which cannot be found anywhere else, but dozens of foreign organizations hunt mouflon in Armenia, which is prohibited, “Lawful Hunting Club” social initiative leader Eduard Saribekyan stated during a press conference on Tuesday.

In his words, the Armenian Mouflon lives in Iran, too, but they do not hunt it there because it is an endangered animal.

“Social activeness is very important here. Where is that society which doesn’t fight against such things?”, Saribekyan added.

He stressed that they are very small in number, and, since the hunters are better equipped, they are larger in number, and, in addition, they are drunk, and very often they are compelled to turn a blind eye to the unlawfulness.

He also noted that when they raise an alarm with the competent authorities, the latter say they do not work on Saturdays, in the case when game are primarily hunted on Saturdays.

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