Bahrain dictatorship and opposition

This video says about itself:

Protests Grow Against Bahrain Arrest of Rights Advocate

Aug 26, 2012 by The Real News

Reem Khalifa: Court overturns twitter conviction for Nabeel Rajab but he still faces three years in prison for allegedly encouraging protesters to clash with security forces.

Bahrain Hires London and Washington-Based Companies to Improve Image: here.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), along with other influential organisations, has urged U.S. Labour Secretary Hilda Solis to release her Department’s finding concerning Bahrain’s compliance with provisions of the U.S.-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement (FTA). AFT, one of EI’s affiliates in the U.S., was joined in the initiative by the U.S. trade union confederation, AFL-CIO, Human Rights Watch and other activists’ organisations: here.

10 thoughts on “Bahrain dictatorship and opposition

    • Hi, I read pro-regime sources as well. Sometimes I even quote from them on this blog.

      Jailing a human rights activist for three years for free speech is a really clear issue though. In Bahrain or any other country. There is, of course, a UNIVERSAL Declaration of Human Rights.


      • I am not saying Al-khalifah “royal family” are angels, to understand better what is going on in Bahrain you have to understand what’s happening In Syria and what Iran are doing, for example ; ask the Bahraini Protesters and the human rights activist ( whom they support in Syria Al-asad or the Syrian people) 95% will say
        Al-asad, as I said it is more complicated than what you think in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait. Thanks.


        • Hi, that the Bahraini pro-democracy movement are supposedly tools of the Iranian government, is very weak Bahraini regime propaganda which even a commission set up by the Bahraini regime and most of the US corporate media reject.

          I am not sure whether you have questioned at least some hundred Bahraini human rights activists to get a statistically representative answer to the question whether really 95% of them support the Assad regime in Syria (besides, in dictatorships people often don’t talk openly, especially to strangers). Maybe some of those activists might point out the difference between NATO countries’ and the Saudi and Qatari dictatorships’ reactions to on the one side, Syria, on the other side Bahrain. In the Syrian case, giving money and weapons to Assad opponents, including Al Qaeda members. On the other hand, giving weapons like armored cars and lethal tear gas to the Bahraini regime; and sending Saudi and Qatari soldiers across the causeway to Bahrain, killing unarmed demonstrators.

          Syria is not as simple as just Assad on the one hand and on the other hand the whole Syrian people. Many Syrians may dislike Assad. But they may also consider that replacing Assad with a salafist Saudi-like dictatorship, butchering people for being Alawi, Shiite, Kurdish, Druze, Christian, gay, feminist or atheist might be even worse.


  1. I’m sorry my dear friend, your information about Syria, Bahrain, Saudi, Qatar and Alawi, Shiite, Kurdish, Druze, Christian, and the Salafist are WRONG, are you Shiite ( Imamiah) because you
    are repeating what Hizb Allah,Al-asad Regime and Iran Government or following Ali Khamenei.
    Anyway you can get the right information from Bahraini Minster of Information,
    ( Mrs. Sameerah Rageb ) she is Shiite. Thank you.


    • Hi, if a government has a Minister on Information that already sends alarm bells 🙂

      Most governments in the world lie, and absolute monarchies like in Bahrain lie especially.much.

      Saddam Hussein used to have a (Shiite) Minister of Information as well. Most of the world disbelieved him and called him Comical Ali.

      If you are interested, I am not Shiite. But, even if I were, it would only matter whether this blog post is correct of not; not the blogger’s religion or lack of religion. Do you really think three years of jail for free speech for human rights activist Rajab are any sort of justice? I hope that you are not going to deny that the got a three years sentence 🙂 Or that there is torture in jails in Bahrain.


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