Tunisian Sidi Bouzid unemployed fight for their rights

This video is about a demonstration in Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia, 9 August 2012.

From Tunis Afrique Presse (Tunis, Tunisia):

Tunisia: Sidi Bouzid – Jobless People Begin Open Sit-in

23 August 2012

Sidi Bouzid — Jobless people from Sidi Bouzid

Sidi Bouzid, of course, is the town where the mass revolt which drove away dictator Ben Ali began.

began Thursday an open sit-in outside the regional education authority to claim their right to employment and development.

Protesters shouted slogans calling for radical solutions to unemployment and equal opportunities in employment.

The Tunisian League for Defence of Jobless Graduates, Sidi Bouzid chapter, released a statement in which it considers employment a top priority for development and social justice.

The League suggests organising competitions and ensuring their transparency, adopting objective criteria for selecting candidates and reactivating the website dedicated to recruitment in public service.

Tunisia: Security Forces Suppressed the Demonstrations in ‘Hammam-Al-Anf’, ‘Sidi Bouzid’ and ‘Djerba’ Cairo On 8 October 2012: here.

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