17 thoughts on “Todd Akin, US Republican misogynist

  1. The International Action Center will be marching and urges all progressives to join in with the Coalition to March on the RNC in Tampa, FLA on August 27 marchontheRNC.com! And on September 2, we will join with the Coalition to March on Wall St South wallstsouth.org in Charlotte, NC for a March for Jobs and Justice at the start of the DNC.

    Only 4 days until we March on the RNC!

    People are flying in, buses are leaving. On August 27th, people will join the Coalition to March on the RNC from around the country to rally in Perry Harvey Sr. Park (1200 N Orange Ave. Tampa, FL 33602) and demand good jobs, healthcare, affordable education, equality, and peace.

    We will oppose the Republican and 1% agenda of poverty, war, and hate. We say government money be used for human needs, not wars overseas and corporate greed. With that, we are promoting a People’s agenda where change is possible through action in the streets. The whole world will watch as we March onto the Republican National Convention to say NO to the Republicans and 1 percenters.

    We are uniting groups within Tampa and throughout the country, and we will be greeted by different speakers from different movements across the country.

    Speakers include:

    -Aaron Black, from Occupy Wall St.
    -Medea Benjamin, from Code Pink
    -Leah Bolger, from Veterans for Peace
    -Joe Iosbaker, from United Anti-War Coalition
    -Ben Carroll, from Coalition to March on Wall St. South
    -James Ingle, vice president of IBEW local 1205
    -Carlos Montes, prominent leader of the today’s immigrants rights movement

    Buses and caravans are leaving from around the country. 3 buses are leaving from New York City, caravans from the Midwest, as well as buses from Miami, Jacksonville and Tallahassee, FL which will be arriving this weekend and on the opening day of the convention. Together, we will demand good jobs, healthcare, affordable education, equality, and peace. On a world stage, we will march into history.


    Our stage is set, and our portolets and speaker system have been bought. We have assembled a massive unified Coalition that will gather at Perry Harvey Sr. Park on August 27th. We are developing a great line up of speakers. On the day of the march there will be tables around the park from different groups as well as an Information Hub, located near Scott St. This will be important for protesters, as it will give information on endorsing groups, information on the day and action planned, and serve to answer any questions people may have. With that there are opportunities for volunteering, which can also be found at the Information Hub. For speakers, we ask that they check in at the Media Center.

    With only four days away, everything is being finalized in what will be one of the largest protests in Florida’s history. Rain or shine, people will come from around Florida and the rest of the country to say NO to the Republican and 1% agenda.

    The Coalition invites everyone to attend the protest on August 27th. We are a broad group uniting everyone against the Republicans and the 1%. Only through unity is there strength, and together we can oppose the Republicans and fight back!


    With only four days left we still could use money for rain panchos, flyers, banners, and other logistical things for the 27th. Donations can be made by check to the “Coalition to March on the RNC” and sent to PO BOX 5765 Tampa, FL 33675 or made to ourpaypal account:

    Donate Here!

    For groups wanting to have a table at the rally, we need you to register here:

    August 27th, 2012, Be at Perry Harvey Sr. Park 10 a.m. Located at 1200 N. Orange Ave. Tampa, FL 33602

    Park north of Perry Harvey on the side of the streets if you can, otherwise use this map:
    Inline image 1
    From 10am to Noon, we will be hearing speakers and groups from around the country: http://marchonthernc.com/organizations.

    >From there we march to the Tampa Bay Times Forum to say NO to the Republican agenda. We plan to march through the streets of Downtown Tampa to demand good jobs, healthcare, affordable education, equality and peace. Contingents will be divided into the demands. For labor unions and working families they will march under the good jobs contingent. For others, they will march under their respective demand. After arriving at Protest RNC Square, located at the intersection of Borein St. and Nebraska Ave., we will have a final hour of speakers. Within sight and sound of the convention center, we will promote our People’s Agenda. We will be in front of the whole world to say NO to the agenda of the Republicans, and NO to their 1% corporate backers. We say government money be used for human needs, not corporate greed, nor wars overseas.


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